Resident Evil: Extinction >> Review and Trailer

This is the final part of the trilogy. Thanks to the Umbrella Corporation the T-Virus has spread across the globe in a matter of a few months as a result of which all living beings are nearing extinction. Life on Earth is about to end as the virus is spreading from one part of the food chain to another. The survivors are constantly on the move, avoiding major cities as they are more dangerous.

Alice (MJ) is now alone because she is being tracked by the evil Doctor Isaacs (IG) who is using her for experimentation. She is constantly tracking survivors and helping them out. En route she comes across a caravan of survivors which has been brought together by Claire (AL). Using the superpowers that she has gained due to the experimentation on her she saves them from the attack of virus-ridden crows. Oliver (OF) and LJ (ME) are also a part of this caravan. Dr Isaacs finds out her location and drops a container containing super-aggressive undeads.
In the attack majority of the survivors die. The remaining hope to get to Alaska which is believed to be safe till now. They reach the UC facility, the survivors set off to Alaska on the chopper while Alice decides to go inside and deal with Dr Isaacs, who after being bitten by an undead took an overdose of the antivirus as a result of which has become a mutant and killed everyone in the facility. Alice has to fight a creature who is even more powerful and dexterous than she is.

Rating: Green - low on the horror content compared to the earlier editions, but more on the action content. As gripping as the previous editions.

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