Delhi 6 >> Review and Trailer

Dadi (WR) has been diagnosed with a heart disease. And she wants to die in her home in the walled city of Delhi (Chandni Chowk - Pin Code 6). Her son, who ran away from there 24 years back with a muslim girl Fatima (TA) refuses to go back. Roshan (AB), her grandson, steps in.

The movie is about Roshan's discovery of a mini-India. The love and hate. The needs. How the needs keep them together and how at times the 'Kala Bandar' in them takes over and there is chaos and bloodbath.

Rating: Green - one of the best made movies that I've seen in a long time. It is more like a collage work where all kinds of characters have been pasted together. 

And that, probably, is the reason that the reviews that I got from people were not encouraging. You may not be able to understand this movie if you haven't lived in Delhi 6 yourself. Try to feel it!

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