The Usual Suspects >> Review and Trailer

A boat is destroyed. Only one survivor. It seems that a group of small-time thieves has been brought together by a shrewd and cunning international smuggler Keyser Soze. He used the five of them and killed them. But the investigating officer from Customs refuses to believe. He believes Keaton (GB), a former crooked cop with strong backing, is behind it and that he is still alive. And so as he interviews Verbal Kint (KS) he tries to find out more and more so that he can be sure that Keaton is alive.

Is Keaton still alive? What's the truth?

Rating: Green - barely 20 minutes into the movie I knew what was going on. So the biggest thing that makes a suspense movie click, that is, suspense wasn't there. But the movie is made so well that I kept watching. And it was worth the time.

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