The Art of War II - Betrayal >> Review and Trailer

Neil Shaw (WS) was an FBI agent. Now he is living under a false identity and is officially dead. That is till his martial arts master and friend Mother is murdered. He gets back to take revenge, and in the process becomes the target. Mother's daughter Melina Cruz (AK) is attacked so that they could have him. It turns out that Sallas, the head of an Arms company, is behind everything. Two senators opposing a bill for purchasing arms from Sallas's company get murdered.

The Homeland Security Department is working hand in hand with Sallas, led by Becker. There are tech teams using the latest technology to do all kinds of stuff. Neil has his friend helping him out with the tech stuff. Everything is a mess.

Will he be able to save Melina and himself?

Rating: Yellow - this movie would have got a green, but the story gets completely senseless in the end. Melina who has already saved Shaw's life twice till now turns out to be an undercover agent working for Sallas.

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