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Civil war is on in Nigeria and the rebels have taken over. They are killing Christians as a part of ethnic cleansing. Lieutenant A.K. Waters (BW) and his team are given the job of rescuing Dr. Lena Fiore Kendricks (MB) an American citizen working for the international relief service, a priest and two nuns. Lena refuses to leave without her patiets. AK has strict orders- no refugees. But he agrees. They manage to reach the choppers. There AK dumps the refugees, forces Lena on to the chopper and they take off. On their way they see the church and hospital from air - it has been destroyed and everyone murdered.

AK asks for the chopper to be turned around. He loads them with refugee children and the remaining set off on foot to the Cameroon border. But for some reason they are being followed by the rebel soldiers. There is a mole whom he manages to nab. He finds out that amongst the refugees are the slain president's son (and thus the tribal leader) and his bodyguard. And it is too late. The rebels have caught up with them. 

Will he be able to save them all?

Rating: Green - an excellent movie. Well-made.

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