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Oskar Schindler (LN) is a charismatic industrialist in the 1930's. He sees a business opportunity created by Germany's attack on Poland and taps it. He buys a factory for making steel crockery and hire Jewish Labor at cheap wages. He does all this purely with business in mind.

But with time the word spreads that Schindler's factory is heaven and safe for all the workers. All this due to the efforts of his trusted accountant, Itzhak Stern (BK), who uses the opportunity to save as many people from Germans as he can. People start thanking him for saving their lives and start approaching him for saving them and their friends.

Towards the end when the German's start killing Jews all over Poland it is Oskar Schindler who makes a list of all people who have worked for him and some who have not and bribes the Germans with all the money that he has earned in the business to allow him to shift them from Poland to his hometown in Czechoslovakia. Today, they and their descendants are known as the Schindler Jews and their population is more than that of the remaining number of Jews in Poland.

Rating: Green - one more biographical film set in the period of the 2nd world war. And one as good or maybe even better than the ones that I've seen so far.

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