Resident Evil >> Review and Trailer

Umbrella Corporation is the biggest corporate entity in the world with secret dealings in weapons and biological warfare. There is a theft in its Biological Weaponry division and the deadly T-Virus has spread turning humans into undead thirsty for human blood. A team belonging to a secret military unit has been sent to find out what has happened and to shut down the supercomputer Red Queen.

Alice (MJ) was the security head for the underground Umbrella Corporation facility in Racoon City. She had promised Matt Addison's (Eric Mabius) sister that she would help her get proof against Umbrella so that Matt, an environmentalist could uncover it in front of the world. Now Alice, Matt and the remaining members of the secret military unit are fighting hard against the undead and the powerful mutant creatures to get out of the hive.

Rating: Green - Gory, but at the same time, extremely gripping!

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