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Death is on a vacation. It wants to see and explore Earth, people, and their lives. It chooses William Parrish (AH) a JetSet Businessman whose time to die has come for his intelligence, attitude etc. Bill gets as many days extra as Death enjoys on Earth.
On the other hand is Susan (CF), Bill's daughter, who has fallen in love at first sight with a stranger Joe Black (BP) after their meeting in a coffee shop. Fate has it that death chooses his body.

As Death, known to everyone as Joe Black, comes to live with Bill like his shadow everyone is perplexed. No one knows from where this stranger has appeared and has become so close to Bill. As things turnout further Death falls in love with Susan. On the other hand Bill's business is about to get sold to someone else as his most trusted employee turns out to be a mole.

What will become of Bill and Susan in their tryst with death?

Rating: Green - based on the play Death on a Vacation, the movie is a good watch.

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