Kung-Fu Panda >> Review and Trailer

Poh, the Panda, dreams of becoming the Dragon Warrior, the most ferocious warrior of China. But, in reality he has been adopted by a stork which is in the noodle making business, and that is what he wants Poh to continue with, unaware of his dream. 

Then Master Ugwe, the spiritual master of Kung Fu in China makes a prediction. That it is time to select the Dragon Warrior. Poh, goes to see the event and ends up becoming the Dragon Warrior. But, Master Chifu and the Ferocious Five refuse to accept him as the Dragon Warrior. They think that Master Ugwe has made a mistake. 

But they don't have time, Tylon - the adopted son of Master Chifu and the most ferocious of the Kung Fu warriors, is approaching the city with an intent to forcefully acquire the Dragon Roll and ravage the city. 

Will Poh be able to gain acceptance by Master Chifu and the Ferocious Five? Will he be able to defeat Tylon? 

Rating: Green - Well made. Pacy, Funny. Worth more than just one watch.

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