Hotel Rwanda >> Review and Trailer

A small African country Rwanda is torn in Civil war. Hutus have taken over the government and are massacring Tutsis. The classification between Hutus and Tutsis was made by Belgians on the basis of the skin color, height, weight etc. They had Tutsis run the country under whom there was mass oppression. To avenge that Hutus are now killing Tutsis.

Paul Rusebegina is a manager in a 4 Star hotel owned by the Belgians. As the civil war goes on outside more and more refugees are brought into the hotel. The first world countries completely ignore the plight of the people of the country and the UN refuses any intervention. 

Will Paul, fighting against all odds, using his wit alone, succeed in saving the lives of over a thousand refugees?

Rating: Green - a real life story where a man faces adversities to do some good for the people around him, turned into a wonderful movie!

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