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James J Braddock (RC), is a young boxer touted to be the next world champion. Soon he is put up against the world's best. He loses the match, his confidence, his form and injures his arm. From there on he's just an average pugilist, the only thing distinguishing him from the others - he has not been knocked out even once.

As the Great Depression sets in he looses all his possessions, he needs money to raise his three kids. Supported by his manager Joe (PG), who himself is broke, he makes a comeback. In the process he becomes a symbol of hope for the entire country. A symbol of the fight of the common man against the Great Depression. 

He has his next fight against Max Baer, the current heavyweight champion, a ruthless boxer who has already killed 2 people in the ring. Will Jimmy be able to survive him?

Rating: Green - This movie is about hope. Hope of a boxer to be able to win. Hope of his wife and relatives that he survives. Hope of the nation that it be able to come out of the Great Depression.

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