Blade Runner >> Review and Trailer

Welcome to the year 2019. Humans have mastered the human genome. They have created replicants, quasi-clones of humans, who are much more stronger and intelligent than humans. But they lack emotions. And, to keep the situation under their control humans have introduced a defect into the genome of the replicants because of which their maximum life span is limited to 4 years.

The replicants are used primarily as slaves on off-planet colonies. There is a rebellion on some of these colonies and a special team is formed to eliminate the erring replicants - a team of blade runners. Rick Deckard (HF) was one of the best before he gave up the job. Now, a group of Nexus-6 replicants, the strongest and most dangerous created for military purposes have escaped and only the best can do the job.

Will Rick manage to capture them and save the day?

Rating: Green - one of the Times top 100 of all times, from technical perspective this movie is pretty average going by the current standards, but the story or should I say the suspense does the trick. A gory suspense thriller.

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