27 Dresses >> Review and Trailer

Jane(KH) found her calling as a professional bridesmaid at the age of 8 while attending the marriage of one of her relatives. Since, then she's attended a number of weddings. That's what she does on Saturdays. In the process she's made this small collection of 27 bridesmaid dresses.

Her life takes a turn when Kevin(JM) decides to write an article on her. That's when her kid sister Tess(MA) arrives and decides to settle in NY itself after she falls in love with George(EB). Now George is a handsome, rich and warm-hearted entrepreneur who is Jane's boss. 

Jane has been infatuated with him since the day she joined office. Her heart is broken as she realises that one by one her kid-sister starts taking everything that she loves including her mother's wedding gown. Meanwhile, Kevin falls in love with Jane. Everything is a mess.

Rating: Green - slightly girlie stuff. But the story is good which makes the movie enjoyable.

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