The Incredible Hulk >> 30s Review

Dr Bruce Banner(EN) a scientist working for the US Army develops a formula capable of transforming a soldier into super-soldier. He decides to experiment on himself. The experiment goes wrong and he ends up turning into a giant green-skinned monster whenever his pulse rate gets too high. He goes into hiding trying to hide the formula from General 'Thunderbolt' Ross(WH) who is wants to use the formula to turn his soldiers into super-soldiers. Meanwhile he is making an attempt to find a way to solve the problem. In the process he has lost his love(LT).

General Ross decides to perform the experiment in a controlled manner on another one of his soldiers Emil Blonsky(TR) who becomes fascinated with the powers he gets and becomes evil. Now the battle is between two hulks - Good and Evil.

Rating: Green - though it isn't as good as The Dark Knight or Iron Man, it is pretty good and surely a movie you should watch for its action scenes!

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