The Dark Knight >> Review and Trailer

Batman has brought crime in Gotham almost to its end. Helping him indirectly in this are Gordon (from the police) and Harvey, the DA. Harvey is also the man, whom Batman's love interest Rachel is dating.

At this point a freak named Joker joins the mob. He offers them the end of Batman in return for half of their money. The mob initially refuses. But as Batman gets more closer to them they start getting worried and finally agree to Joker's condition.

Is Joker able to force Batman to reveal his true identity? Is he able to bring Batman's saga to an end?

Rating: Green. The last Super-Hero movie that I liked was Superman, as a kid. After that, this is the first Super Hero movie that I've liked. In the earlier (recent) movies stunts were filled like anything, there were so many of them that none looked special. In this movie there were very few stunts, each had something special about it. Even a scene as simple as batman jumping from a few floors above ground onto a truck, looked special. The acting is great. All in all if there is one Super Hero movie that should certainly be a part of your collection, this is it!

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