The Da Vinci Code >> Review and Trailer

The curator of Louvre Museum in Paris, Jaques Sauniere, is murdered. The police suspects Mr Robert Langdon is the murderer, because a message has been left in his name. At the museum, while being interrogated by the police, he meets the grand-daughter of the curator. They soon realise that the curator had left cryptic messages for them to solve and something is waiting for them.

Soon they come to know that all this has to do with underground christian cults, sects etc. Then, the biggest secret of all is unravelled, that Jesus was married and one of the groups, the Priory of Sion had been protecting his lineage from being eliminated. And that the holy grail was not a cup but this lineage. And they now had the secret which the vatican was trying to eliminate.

Are they able to find the Holy Grail, the descendants of Jesus?

Rating: Green - one of those movies which I lined up for watching but somehow never got to, till now. The movie is based on the novel by Dan Brown. All my friends had the same thing to say when I asked them about the movie, disappointing. They had all read the novel before. I hadn't, and I loved the movie. 

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