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Janardhan Jhakar, a Delhi University student, aspires to become a rock star like his idol Jim Morrison. But, he's not getting any opportunities. Meanwhile, he develops a friendship with Heer Kaul, which turns into love during his stay in Kashmir, while he's helping with her marriage preparations. Broken-hearted he leaves music and joins his family business.

But then he's thrown out of his home with his brothers falsely alleging him of swindling money. He spends a couple of months in the shrine of Hazrat Nizammudin, which marked his return to music.

His unpredictable behavior and tendency to put everything at stake for his love leads him into unpleasant situations - soon becoming hated by the media, leading to a growth in fame and fan following.

But love still eludes him - will he get it or is it his destiny to live with a broken heart?

Rating: Green - a rare must-watch from Bollywood. A story that keeps you involved till the very end. And, music that is a class apart!

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