Batman Begins >> Revew and Trailer

Bruce wants to fight evil - to avenge the death of his parents, but has no direction. He's in a prison somewhere in Asia where Ducard approaches him with an offer to join the League of the Shadows - the ones who have taken upon themselves to serve justice in the world. He accepts and trains with them to become a Ninja warrior.

But then he comes to know about their plan to destroy Gotham as the first step in destroying evil. He feels that Gotham is still not beyond saving and wants to make an attempt. But the League disagrees.

Will he be able to save his city from his own mentors?

Rating: Green - a well-made movie that keeps you gripped onto it till the very end. The part about Bruce building Batman piece by piece is very well handled. Some of the scenes, specially ones with Batman flying are not good enough technically - but let's acknowledge that this is a 13 year old film!

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