Assassin's Creed >> Review and Trailer

The secret order of the Knight's Templar is trying to get to the Apple of Eden which, it believes, has the key to the free will of humans. It is led by the scientist father daughter duo Sofia and Rikkin who have designed a machine called the Animus to unlock the human genetic memory.

Their last hope is Callum Lynch, a descendant of Aguilar De Narha belonging to a brotherhood called the Assassins - also the person who was last seen in possession of the Apple of Eden.

They send Cal into Animus to learn his past. While they do so Cal picks up extraordinary knowledge and martial skills from his ancestor.

Will the Knight's Templar be able to find the Apple of Eden? And, will they succeed in keeping it with them?

Rating: Yellow - for a poor story but excellent action scenes. Based on the popular video game, the movie has a very interesting plot - but somehow it doesn't develop into a deep enough story. However, the action scenes, specially the ones with the chasing are some of the best you'll come across.

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