Angels and Demons >> Review and Trailer

The pope has died and the cardinals are meeting to decide who the next Pope would be. Before their meeting the Preferati are kidnapped. The kidnappers have warned that one by one they'd be killed starting 8 PM. Meanwhile, they've broken into an Italian research facility and stolen their latest work - Anti-matter. The amount stolen is enough to blow up the entire Vatican and Rome.

The illuminati seem to be behind it. Robert Langdon(TH), a symbologist has been called to help. He is joined by Vittoria Vetra(AZ). Together, they run from one corner of Rome to the other, following cryptic codes and symbols, trying to save the cardinals and the city. One by one the cardinals die.

Time is running out for Robert and Vittoria, the explosion is set to take place at 00:00 hrs. Will they succeed?

Rating: Green - a fast-paced thriller with twists and turns galore.

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