Ace Ventura: Pet Detective >> Review and Trailer

Ace Ventura(JC) is into a weird profession. He is a pet detective. He has a natural talent with animals. But he is hated by everyone in the police dept. including Lt. Lois Einhom(SY).

He is called in to help in a case of a missing dolphin. But it is no ordinary dolphin. It is Snowflake, the mascot of the Dolphins football team. Players consider it to be the lucky charm. And all this has happened just when the Superbowl is set to begin. He has been called by Melissa Robinson(CC), the beautiful woman part of the Dolphins' Snowflake department.

While he is still searching for the dolphin, the trainer of the dolphin is murdered. Things get complicated as he finds out that behind all this is Ray Finkel, ex-Dolphin player who was thrown out of the team after he buckelled under pressure and failed to perform in the final of the Superbowl in 1984.

Will he succeed?

Rating: Green - Jim Carrey at his best in this laugh-riot. Typical Jim Carrey complete non-sense stuff.

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