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Se7en >> Review and Trailer

David Mills (BP) is a police detective who looks into homicide cases. After a transfer he has to work with William Somerset (MF). After their initial differences William decides to take the retirement. But just then a case of a serial killing comes to light. And another.
The killer is a sociopath who justifies killing people as absolution for world's ignorance of the seven deadly sins. Both of them are just one step behind the killer when one day he walks into the police headquarters. Things get personal as Mills' wife Tracy(GP) is pulled into the scene.
Rating: Green - the movie reminded me of The Dark Knight where the Joker's victory lay in converting Harvey into a murderer. This is a well-made movie and worth watching, though slightly gory.
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Blade Squad >> Review and Trailer

A movie about a squad of cops who wear bullet proof uniforms, and move around the city on roller blades propelled by rocket-type bags trying to control crime. The movie is based in the future, when because of the excessive traffic it becomes almost impossible for regular cops to reach the crime spot in time. The squad is made up of people with dubious pasts, brought together by their sergeant whose only selection criteria for the squad is the drive to chase. They can't leave the squad because this is their last chance of holding a badge.

A junkie is killed in a road-accident while trying to evade arrest by the Blade Squad. His brother thinks that the leader of the squad is the cause of his death. He makes a plan. He conducts a robbery and creates a situation where the squad is chasing him. In doing so, the squad leader meets with an accident and is paralyzed head down for life. This creates a lot of emotional and mental pressure on the squad members. But they are forced to reunite …

Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls >> Review and Trailer

Ace Ventura(JC) has taken a break from life after his inability to save a Racoon. He now lives in a Buddhist Ashram where he meditates amidst a number of animals. He is brought out of this situation by a new case. 
The sacred animal 'Shakaku' of one of the African Tribes has gone missing. the daughter of this tribe's leader is to wed the son of the leader of the other tribe. Shakaku was to be given as a gift to the other tribe. Now the other tribe has threatened to wage war against this tribe and kill all of them if 'Shakaku'  is not given to them.
Ace Ventura fights attempts on his life, and his fear of bats to solve this case. Will he succeed?
Rating: Yellow - Good for time-pass. Good non-sensical work by Jim Carrey again. Though, not as good as the first one.
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Ace Ventura: Pet Detective >> Review and Trailer

Ace Ventura(JC) is into a weird profession. He is a pet detective. He has a natural talent with animals. But he is hated by everyone in the police dept. including Lt. Lois Einhom(SY).
He is called in to help in a case of a missing dolphin. But it is no ordinary dolphin. It is Snowflake, the mascot of the Dolphins football team. Players consider it to be the lucky charm. And all this has happened just when the Superbowl is set to begin. He has been called by Melissa Robinson(CC), the beautiful woman part of the Dolphins' Snowflake department.
While he is still searching for the dolphin, the trainer of the dolphin is murdered. Things get complicated as he finds out that behind all this is Ray Finkel, ex-Dolphin player who was thrown out of the team after he buckelled under pressure and failed to perform in the final of the Superbowl in 1984.
Will he succeed?
Rating: Green - Jim Carrey at his best in this laugh-riot. Typical Jim Carrey complete non-sense stuff.
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Angels and Demons >> Review and Trailer

The pope has died and the cardinals are meeting to decide who the next Pope would be. Before their meeting the Preferati are kidnapped. The kidnappers have warned that one by one they'd be killed starting 8 PM. Meanwhile, they've broken into an Italian research facility and stolen their latest work - Anti-matter. The amount stolen is enough to blow up the entire Vatican and Rome.

The illuminati seem to be behind it. Robert Langdon(TH), a symbologist has been called to help. He is joined by Vittoria Vetra(AZ). Together, they run from one corner of Rome to the other, following cryptic codes and symbols, trying to save the cardinals and the city. One by one the cardinals die.

Time is running out for Robert and Vittoria, the explosion is set to take place at 00:00 hrs. Will they succeed?

Rating: Green - a fast-paced thriller with twists and turns galore.
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The Da Vinci Code >> Review and Trailer

The curator of Louvre Museum in Paris, Jaques Sauniere, is murdered. The police suspects Mr Robert Langdon is the murderer, because a message has been left in his name. At the museum, while being interrogated by the police, he meets the grand-daughter of the curator. They soon realise that the curator had left cryptic messages for them to solve and something is waiting for them.

Soon they come to know that all this has to do with underground christian cults, sects etc. Then, the biggest secret of all is unravelled, that Jesus was married and one of the groups, the Priory of Sion had been protecting his lineage from being eliminated. And that the holy grail was not a cup but this lineage. And they now had the secret which the vatican was trying to eliminate.

Are they able to find the Holy Grail, the descendants of Jesus?

Rating: Green - one of those movies which I lined up for watching but somehow never got to, till now. The movie is based on the novel by Dan Brown. All my friends had …

The Dark Knight Rises >> Review and Trailer

Gotham is in trouble again,
This time it's a guy called Bane.

Batman is in self-forced exile,
He is in pain.

Cat-woman is here to help,
In this war on urban terrain.

Will the city be saved, will the dark knight rise...
yet again?

Rating: Green - the culmination of the trilogy marked by a movie that's as deep and dark as the previous ones. Must watch!

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The Dark Knight >> Review and Trailer

Batman has brought crime in Gotham almost to its end. Helping him indirectly in this are Gordon (from the police) and Harvey, the DA. Harvey is also the man, whom Batman's love interest Rachel is dating.

At this point a freak named Joker joins the mob. He offers them the end of Batman in return for half of their money. The mob initially refuses. But as Batman gets more closer to them they start getting worried and finally agree to Joker's condition.

Is Joker able to force Batman to reveal his true identity? Is he able to bring Batman's saga to an end?

Rating: Green. The last Super-Hero movie that I liked was Superman, as a kid. After that, this is the first Super Hero movie that I've liked. In the earlier (recent) movies stunts were filled like anything, there were so many of them that none looked special. In this movie there were very few stunts, each had something special about it. Even a scene as simple as batman jumping from a few floors above ground onto a truck, …

Surrogates >> Review and trailer

Set in a futuristic world where most humans live in isolation and interact through surrogate robots, a revolution is brewing against this 'artificial' life. Someone has invented a weapon that can kill the human remotely controlling the 'Surrogate' and it won't be long before it reaches the wrong hands. 

Will Agent Greer be able to stop this devastating occurrence?

Rating: Green - a fast-paced sci-fi action! If you're a die-hard fan, you will love this.
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Rockstar >> Review and Trailer

Janardhan Jhakar, a Delhi University student, aspires to become a rock star like his idol Jim Morrison. But, he's not getting any opportunities. Meanwhile, he develops a friendship with Heer Kaul, which turns into love during his stay in Kashmir, while he's helping with her marriage preparations. Broken-hearted he leaves music and joins his family business.

But then he's thrown out of his home with his brothers falsely alleging him of swindling money. He spends a couple of months in the shrine of Hazrat Nizammudin, which marked his return to music.

His unpredictable behavior and tendency to put everything at stake for his love leads him into unpleasant situations - soon becoming hated by the media, leading to a growth in fame and fan following.

But love still eludes him - will he get it or is it his destiny to live with a broken heart?

Rating: Green - a rare must-watch from Bollywood. A story that keeps you involved till the very end. And, music that is a class apart!

The Notebook >> Review and Trailer

Noah, a country boy, falls in love with Allie, a city girl who is in the village for a summer vacation. He pursues - and she falls for him too. But Allie's parents worry for her future - when they feel things are getting out of hand, they end the vacation pre-maturely and take Allie to the city.

Will their love stand the test against the divisions in the world - will they be able to meet?

Rating: Yellow - though it is pretty decent, it became boring as I pretty much had the storyline figured out few minutes into the movie. Certainly one of the most over-hyped movies of all time! Or perhaps, being exposed to Bollywood - where this plot of love overcoming economic/social divide is the undoubtedly the most abused one - I didn't feel anything new!

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Batman Begins >> Revew and Trailer

Bruce wants to fight evil - to avenge the death of his parents, but has no direction. He's in a prison somewhere in Asia where Ducard approaches him with an offer to join the League of the Shadows - the ones who have taken upon themselves to serve justice in the world. He accepts and trains with them to become a Ninja warrior.

But then he comes to know about their plan to destroy Gotham as the first step in destroying evil. He feels that Gotham is still not beyond saving and wants to make an attempt. But the League disagrees.

Will he be able to save his city from his own mentors?

Rating: Green - a well-made movie that keeps you gripped onto it till the very end. The part about Bruce building Batman piece by piece is very well handled. Some of the scenes, specially ones with Batman flying are not good enough technically - but let's acknowledge that this is a 13 year old film!

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Mr. and Mrs. 420 >> Review and Trailer

Four men struggling in their careers need a place to live. And, in India, bachelors can't find a home that easily. So they turn into pairs - two of them acting as wives. Things get crazy when one of them falls in love with the landlord's niece, while the landlord falls in love with one of them.

Will these guys be able to straighten out the mess?

Rating: Yellow - a fun time pass!
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Ishq Garaari >> Review and Trailer

An aspiring singer Miss Sweety is kidnapped by an aspiring lyricist Sharry who needs money to get married to his love Priti, as per the condition by her father. Varinder and Jatinder, two fans of Miss Sweety mistakenly kidnap Priti to arrange the money.

Meanwhile, Priti falls in love with Rabrakha while Sharry and Miss Sweety fall in love with each other. Miss Sweety however is delusional - and thinks Miss Pooja is a friend and is with her all the time. To solve this problem Sharry now asks Varinder and Jatinder to kidnap Miss Pooja and bring her.

Will they succeed? And, what will happen to the various love stories?

Rating: Green - a confusing comedy, with things going haywire all the time - this movie gets a green for the awesome songs!

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Singh vs. Kaur >> Review and Trailer

Nihal Singh is being forced to marry a girl. To escape the situation he and his friend Taari find a Canadian-Punjabi girl Jasneet on Facebook. They print her photo and tell the world that she's his fiance.

Under pressure from the villagers and his mother, Nihal sets to locate the girl. What follows is a laugh riot.

But things turn serious as Jasneet's life is in danger. Luckily for Nihal this gives him the opportunity to become her bodyguard and come near her.

Will he be able to save her? And will there be love?

Rating: Green - an unusual plot, decent story - great comedy and action, an awesome background score and good dialogues. This is a rare clean entertainer!
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Trading Places >> Review and Trailer

Louis Winthorpe, the young MD of a leading financial firm, gets Billy Ray Valentine,  a poor negro who pulls up cons to get by, arrested after he bumps into him but mistakes it as an attempted robbery.

The Duke brothers who own the financial firm have a bet that if the life situations of the two men are exchanged, they will adapt and change.

Will they be able to successfully exchange their situations? And, who will win the bet?

Rating: Green - a movie that has depth and great acting resulting in great comedy. A must watch!

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Assassin's Creed >> Review and Trailer

The secret order of the Knight's Templar is trying to get to the Apple of Eden which, it believes, has the key to the free will of humans. It is led by the scientist father daughter duo Sofia and Rikkin who have designed a machine called the Animus to unlock the human genetic memory.

Their last hope is Callum Lynch, a descendant of Aguilar De Narha belonging to a brotherhood called the Assassins - also the person who was last seen in possession of the Apple of Eden.

They send Cal into Animus to learn his past. While they do so Cal picks up extraordinary knowledge and martial skills from his ancestor.

Will the Knight's Templar be able to find the Apple of Eden? And, will they succeed in keeping it with them?

Rating: Yellow - for a poor story but excellent action scenes. Based on the popular video game, the movie has a very interesting plot - but somehow it doesn't develop into a deep enough story. However, the action scenes, specially the ones with the chasing are some of t…

Hindi Medium >> Review and Trailer

Mita Batra is the wife of Raj Batra - a businessman who has become rich by selling duplicates of the most popular fashion labels in India. She wants her daughter to study in an English medium school, as she believes that would open up the doors to the elite English speaking society for her.

So they shift home from Chandni Chowk (old Delhi) to Vasant Kunj (posh South Delhi) and hire a consultant to help them. However, when nothing works - they fake absolute poverty so that their child can get admission through the quota for the economically backward. Will they succeed?

Rating: Yellow - a movie that is based on the real struggles of parents in India, specially Delhi, that loses touch with reality at some point. Where the rich are portrayed as snobbish and the poor as accommodating and helpful - building no depth in character. A movie that had the promise of being much better than what it became!
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Hable Con Ella (Talk To Her) >> 30s Review and Trailer

Lydia is in coma after being badly injured in a bull fight. Her boy friend Marco is staying in the hospital taking care of her. Benigno is a veteran nurse who is reserved to take care of another patient in coma, Alicia, a ballet dancer who had met with an accident.

But things are complicated - Benigno was totally infatuated with Alicia even before the accident, as he spent hours watching here practice in the dance academy from his window. After the death of his mother, Alicia is all that there is for him. And he takes care of her with complete love and devotion.

A unique friendship develops between Marco and Benigno as they, together, take care of the women they love. The only twist is that Benigno's unusual life has made him a psychopath.

Rating: Green - an extremely unusual movie about love - watch it, feel it, and get lost in it. There's a reason this movie is counted as one of the best ever made - experience it.
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Vertical Limit >> 30s Review and Trailer

Peter stopped climbing after his father gets killed in  an accident where Peter has to cut off the rope holding his father as per his instructions to save himself and his sister Annie. He's now a wildlife photographer, who gets dropped off at K2 base camp after a photography assignment is inadvertently wrapped up. There he meets Annie who is now an accomplished climber - all set to climb the K2 with a corporate team.

While the team is out a storm hits K2 and the basecamp loses touch with them. Peter gets together a team of idiosyncratic people and sets out to save his sister.

Will he be able to overcome the pain of the past and save her?

Rating: Green - an unusual thriller that keeps you hooked till the end. Doesn't matter whether you love climbing or not, you'll get the movie, and love it!
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Pulp Fiction >> 30s Review and Trailer

Jules and Vincent are out to recover their boss's stolen property. Meanwhile, Marsellus Wallace, their boss, has paid Butch to lose his fight.

A series of unusual incidents happen that change their lives for good, or otherwise!

Rating: Green - an all time-classic that grows on you, especially when you take time out to think about some of the crazy shit that's going on there. One movie that's definitely not for kids, until they grow up.
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Kinsey >> 30s Review

The movie is a biography of Alfred Charles Kinsey's life. For those who may not know him, he is a pioneer in sexology (scientific study of sexual behavior) and the founder of the Institute for Sex Research at Indiana University.
It tells you the story of how Kinsey left home to become a professor in biology, when his father wanted him to be an engineer. How he happened to then shift his focus to sexology driven by the lack of knowledge in the area. How he undertook a big scientific study which first made him famous and then led to his downfall.
Rating: Green - a well-told story about a man who dared to make people speak about a topic as controversial as sex and sexual preferences.
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The Prestige >> 30s Review

Robert Angier(HJ), his wife Julia(PP) and Alfred Borden(CB) are assistants to a famous magician. Both Alfred and Robert have a spark in them, and the capability to become outstanding magicians. During a performance an accident happens in which Julia dies, Angier blames Borden for it and their friendship turns into rivalry. Borden meanwhile falls in love with a girl named Sarah(RH). He marries her and has a daughter named Jess(SM).
Angier sees Borden living a happy life and decides to take revenge. He creates complications in Borden's life using his assistant Olivia(SJ). Due to which Sarah commits suicide. Meanwhile Borden invents a trick that Angier is unable to decipher. He gets a hand on Borden's diary and travels all the way from London to the US in search of the secret only to find that he has been tricked. But fate favors his as he meets Tesla(DB) a genius scientist who has invented a machine that could change the course of the human history. Then Angier dies and Borden …

What Women Want >> 30s Review

Nick Marshall, one of the most successful designers in the advertising industry is expecting to be promoted to the designation of Creative Head. But he finds out that instead Darcy McGuire has been hired to fill the spot. In between there is an accident because of which he gains the ability to hear what women think. 
His psychologist suggests he could use this ability to his advantage and so he does. He uses this ability to use all of Darcy's ideas against her, so that he can get to the position that he wants. But somewhere along the way he falls in love with her.
The rest is for you to watch and enjoy :)
Rating: Yellow - Nothing much to say, really. A nice time-pass flick.
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Hannibal Rising >> 30s Review

During the second world war Hannibal's home is attacked. His parents are killed - only him and his inseparable baby sister Mischa survive the gunning - just then a group of men arrive at their home, and Mischa is brutally killed.

Years later, as a teenager, Hecter is studying in medical school and living with his aunt Lady Murasaki Shikibu. But he is still living in pain and  wants revenge.

And as he comes to know about one of the men, he gets a chance to avenge his beloved sister's death. Will he succeed?

Rating: Green - another well made movie in the series - for the first time opening up the background of Hannibal and why he became the monster that he is!
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Red Dragon >> 30s Review

Will Graham retired from FBI after the arrest of Hannibal Lecter - a case where he almost died. Jack Crawford beseeches him to come out of retirement and solve one last case.

A psychopath, who also happens to be inspired by Lecter, has murdered two entire families in the past two full-moons. Will is back and he is trying to get Lecter to help him with the case.

Will he be able to find this psychopath before he kills his next target?

Rating: Green - another brilliant psychological thriller in the 'Psycho' series. The twists and turns are unpredictable - keeping you engaged till the end!
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The Silence of the Lambs >> 30s Review

Clarice Starling is a rookie FBI agent on a psychopathic serial murderer's case. Her only hope of catching him is the genius Dr. Hannibal Lecter - who is himself in prison after being caught for cannibalism.

Will she be able to get him to help her catch the murderer?

Rating: Green - one of the best psycho thrillers of all time. Awesome acting by the leads brings the well-written characters to life!
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Seven Samurai >> 30s Review

Somewhere in the hinterlands of Japan, there is a village. Located in the valley under the mountains the village was a peaceful place till it was attacked by bandits. The bandits will soon return to destroy the village. Their only hope is a group of seven samurai who have agreed to train them and help them to protect their village.

But will the 7 samurai succeed in protecting the village against 40 well-fed and well-armed bandits?

Rating: Green - this is rated as one of the best movies of all time - rightly so! A touching story that is almost 4 hours long, but still keeps you on your seat till the end.
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The Incredible Hulk >> 30s Review

Dr Bruce Banner(EN) a scientist working for the US Army develops a formula capable of transforming a soldier into super-soldier. He decides to experiment on himself. The experiment goes wrong and he ends up turning into a giant green-skinned monster whenever his pulse rate gets too high. He goes into hiding trying to hide the formula from General 'Thunderbolt' Ross(WH) who is wants to use the formula to turn his soldiers into super-soldiers. Meanwhile he is making an attempt to find a way to solve the problem. In the process he has lost his love(LT).
General Ross decides to perform the experiment in a controlled manner on another one of his soldiers Emil Blonsky(TR) who becomes fascinated with the powers he gets and becomes evil. Now the battle is between two hulks - Good and Evil.
Rating: Green - though it isn't as good as The Dark Knight or Iron Man, it is pretty good and surely a movie you should watch for its action scenes!
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Hulk >> 30s Review

Bruce Banner is a brilliant scientist. While working in the lab, there is an accident - which exposes him to gamma radiation and Nanomeds. This turned him into a big green super-powerful monster.

When things calm down he turns back into a human, in a place far away from humanity. Unsure of what happened, Bruce starts the journey of discovering who he really is. Will he be able to pick the clues from his cloudy past?

Rating: Green - one of the first avenger 'orgins' movie. This one is special because of its focus on the confused state of Bruce and him coming to terms with who he really is. 
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