Avengers: Infinity War >> 30s Review and Trailer

Thanos, the biggest villain of all time has arrived. He wishes to bring balance to the Universe by killing half of all living beings alive. To do so, he must have all the six infinity stones. Once he does, he will be as powerful as god.

In his way stand the Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy. Will they succeed or will Thanos wipe out half of the Earth's population with the snap of his fingers?

Rating: Green - not the best Marvel movie, boring in parts, but thanks to Thanos! Yes, what saves this movie is not Iron Man or Doctor Strange or Black Panther or any of the other bunch of superheroes who've all got nothing but cameos, what saves this movie is Thanos, with a little bit of Thor and a pinch of Hulk humour. 

But the best moment of the movie was not during the movie, it was after - when more than half the people in the cinema hall were still sitting in shock at what happened, well after the movie got over!

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