100 Streets >> 30 seconds review

Kingsley (Franz Drameh) born in one of the ghetto-like areas of London grew up to become a drug addict, drug peddler and petty criminal. He lands up in prison due to one of his men. After coming out of prison his journey begins as he meets Terence (Ken Stott) who helps him move closer to his dream of becoming an actor/writer.

Max Moore (Idris Alba) is a former captain of the English rugby team. He is otherwise a promiscuous person at the verge of divorce after he got caught screwing the nanny of this two children by his wife Emily (Gemma Arterton).

Emily wanted to become an actress alongwith her friend Jake (Tom Cullen) before she fell in love with Max and left it all. Terence was her colleague.

George (Charlie Creed-Miles) and Tina (Lorraine Stanley) are a childless couple who are trying hard to be able to adopt a child.

The movie is the story of all these characters living on the streets of London.

Rating: Yellow - a nice movie with great performances by the various actors. The movie provides a great view into the troubles and struggles of all the characters. A crisper screenplay, and better overlapping of the stories would've got this one a green.

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