Transporter 3


Action, Suspense, Thriller

Jason Statham, Natalya Rudakova, Robert Knepper, François Berléand

Frank,the Transporter, is unwilling to undertake any more missions after his last experience. He is approached by a powerful organisation for a job but he gives them the reference of another transporter. Some time after that, one day a car crashes into his living room. The transporter has been shot and the package, a girl is in the car. Both with an electromagnetic bracelet that explodes if taken away from the car. He is hit on the head and the next thing that he knows. He is in a room with the same bracelet on his hand. Blackmailed with life to transport the girl and two packets to an unknown destination. All his rules start breaking one by one. The girl is the daughter of the Ukranian supremo who is set to make an important announcement about the environmental policies. The bad guys have been hired by Ecocorp a US based company which intends to dump nuclear garbage in Ukranian territory.

As die-hard like as transporter can get.



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