Stranger than Fiction


Suspense, Romance, Dram, Comedy, Fantasy

Will Ferrell, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Emma Thompson, Dustin Hoffman

Harold Crick(WF) works for the IRS. He is brilliant at Maths, has a stable job, counts everything - the brush strokes in the morning, the number of stairs while climbing, the number of tiles in the washroom. Everything.

He has this boring life and is satisfied with it. Until one day. When he starts hearing a voice. A voice that is narrating the actions that he is performing. And then the voice mentions his imminent death.

On one hand he starts looking for the author and on the other hand his life becomes interesting - he falls in love with Ana Pascal(MG) - one of his auditees, he takes some time off work and starts doing those small things that comprise happiness. The things that we often neglect in our routine.

He is helped by Professor Jules Hilbert(DH), an expert in English literature.

On the other side we have Karen Eiffel(ET), the author. She's struggling from a writer's block and couldn't complete the novel - how should she kill Harold? What would be the perfect death for him.

Then the two come face to face. And she hands over the untyped ending to Harold. The work, as per Hilbert is her masterpiece, and should be completed with the same ending - any distortions would spoil it. Will Harold choose death and the completion of that novel or will he choose life?

Different. Period.



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