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Sci-Fi, Action, ThrillerStarring:
Shia LaBeouf, Megan Fox, Josh Duhamel, Tyrese Gibson, Rachael Taylor, Anthony Anderson, Jon Voight, John TurturroStory:
Sam Witwicky, a high school student, buys a second hand car. Only to discover later that it is in fact BumbleBee an Autobot assigned to protect him.Autobots and Decepticons are two rival clans belonging to the planet Cybertron. The war between them for Allspark, a magical talisman with infinite powers, has destroyed their planet. And the war has now moved to Earth. Autobots are the noble group and Decepticons the evil ones with the desire to use the power of Allspark to rule the universe. Megatron the leader of the Decepticons came to Earth following AllSpark. But he was frozen into a paralysed state by the cold of the Arctic Ocean. He was discovered by Captain Witwicky and his team (circa 1850) and since then has been kept in a cryogenic state in a top secret facility. The Decepticons have come to the…

School of Life

Drama, ComedyStarring:
Jane Astin, David Paymer, Ryan Reynolds, Kate Vernon, Andrew RobbStory:
Stormin' Norman Warner(JA) is a high-school history teacher who has won the best-teacher award for decades in a row. His son Matt(DP) has always loved under his shadow. Norman dies and it becomes a question of pride for Matt, who is a biology teacher in the same school, to hold on to the best teacher award. But unfortunately he is the most hated teacher in the school.To add to his woes his biggest competitor is Michael 'Mr D' D'Angelo(RR) his father's former student and now his replacement. Everyone in the school has fallen in love with Mr D, whether it be the teachers or the students. Matt's jealousy adds to his problems as he ends up doing stupid things in an attempt to find something bad about Mr D. His wife Ellie(KV) and son Dylan(AR) both are embarrassed by his acts.And then one day Matt actually finds out something not so good ab…