Death Race



Jason Statham, Joan Allen, Tyrese Gibson, Ian McShane

In the year 2012 the global economy has collapsed. Crime is on the rise. Private companies are managing the overflowing prisons. They are resorting to ways similar to those used by Romans to entertain the public, and in the process earning profits.

The favorite driver of the audience Frankenstein is about to earn his freedom by winning the last race when he is killed on the order of the warden, whose baby the death race is. Frankenstein to the audience is nothing more than a mask.

The warden finds a former racer, gets his wife killed and gets him jailed for the crime. He is given the offer - one race and he is out of the place. In reality she wants him to lose, and tries her best to do the same. Watch the movie to find out what eventually happens.

My Comments:
The biggest + of the movie is its pace, you don't get the time to get bored. The biggest - of the movie is that the only thing it has got is action. The +  is that the action is good. A must watch for the fans of the Fast and Furious genre.

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