Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na

Romance, Desi Entertainment, Khichdi

Aamir Khan's Nephew, Genelia, Naseerudin Shah, Arbaaz and Sohail Khans, Mrs Sarabhai(Whatever her real name is!)

A group of friends discussing the idyllic love story of their friends(Chalte Chalte). Friends who loved each other, but did not realise it. Everyone around them knew it, but they didn't realise it until... until they got into affairs with other people.... Aur kuch bataane ki zaroorat hai kya...

My Comments:
This is the first movie which I saw more because of the heroine than because of the story and thankfully so. I would've repented my decision to watch the movie otherwise. On a second thought, considering how well this khichdi was made I wouldn't have, even though its the same old wine in a new bottle. That's because the bottle indeed is good- Aamir Khan's nephew, Genelia and the rest of the caste, and the movie itself is well made. In any case what I found amusing was that the Khan who is most famous for doing all kinds of anti-SRK stuff has made a SRK type movie to launch his nephew!!!


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