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Coffy >> Review and Trailer

Coffy is a nurse whose kid-sister is in de-addiction center because some drug peddlers managed to entice her. Now, she wants to take revenge - and kill them all, right to the top.

So she becomes a vigilante at night, killing the drug mafia one by one.

Will she succeed in killing their big boss?

Rating: Yellow - a decent movie! Worth a watch. Not for kids - there's lot of nudity and violence.
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The Librarian: Return to King Solomon's Mines >> Review and Trailer

In the second part of the series, Flynn receives a historical map in the mail, which is stolen from him before he has even figured it out. The map shows the way to the Solomon's mines, where lies the secret to the power of King Solomon.

On the journey to retrieve the map he learns some secrets about him and his family. Will he succeed in retrieving the map?

Rating: Green - another well made movie in the series. Fast, funny and full of twists!
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The Librarian: Quest for the Spear >> Review and Trailer

Flynn is a 30+ year student who has totally lost himself to learning - he has 22 degrees, but no life beyond it. Considering his situation his current professor approves his degree 6 months in advance, mid-semester, so that he can't start another one for 6 months - and he asks him to get a job.

While he's sulking in his study, he gets an invite to interview at the Metropolitan Public Library. And he's selected. But he soon realizes that the Library is only a cover for the world's most important treasure cove - with the most powerful treasures of man's history stored there.

And, while he's still figuring out what is going on - a part of the powerful spear is stolen. He must prevent the 'bad guys' from getting all the pieces together before it's too late. The world is at stake. Will he succeed?

Rating: Green - a rip-off of the Indian Jones series, but a very good one! It's fast, funny and full of suspense.
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Minority Report >> Review and Trailer

Somewhere in the mid-21st century, humans have discovered pre-cognitives - humans with the ability to see in their dreams what is going to happen in the future. Using their special abilities, the police manages to bring murders to a standstill - by arriving at the location just minutes before the act. John Anderton is the chief of the unit.

However, there is an inquiry going on to see if there are any errors, false positives. Things get complicated when the pre-cogs see him committing a murder, he manages to escape in time - but he must find out why that happened - he can't believe that he can murder someone.

Will he succceed?

Rating: Green - a very interesting concept - well made! The movie is fast with great screenplay and great acting. A definite must watch.
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