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Blade Runner >> Review and Trailer

Welcome to the year 2019. Humans have mastered the human genome. They have created replicants, quasi-clones of humans, who are much more stronger and intelligent than humans. But they lack emotions. And, to keep the situation under their control humans have introduced a defect into the genome of the replicants because of which their maximum life span is limited to 4 years.
The replicants are used primarily as slaves on off-planet colonies. There is a rebellion on some of these colonies and a special team is formed to eliminate the erring replicants - a team of blade runners. Rick Deckard (HF) was one of the best before he gave up the job. Now, a group of Nexus-6 replicants, the strongest and most dangerous created for military purposes have escaped and only the best can do the job.
Will Rick manage to capture them and save the day?

Rating: Green - one of the Times top 100 of all times, from technical perspective this movie is pretty average going by the current standards, but the stor…

Tears of the Sun >> Review and Trailer

Civil war is on in Nigeria and the rebels have taken over. They are killing Christians as a part of ethnic cleansing. Lieutenant A.K. Waters (BW) and his team are given the job of rescuing Dr. Lena Fiore Kendricks (MB) an American citizen working for the international relief service, a priest and two nuns. Lena refuses to leave without her patiets. AK has strict orders- no refugees. But he agrees. They manage to reach the choppers. There AK dumps the refugees, forces Lena on to the chopper and they take off. On their way they see the church and hospital from air - it has been destroyed and everyone murdered.
AK asks for the chopper to be turned around. He loads them with refugee children and the remaining set off on foot to the Cameroon border. But for some reason they are being followed by the rebel soldiers. There is a mole whom he manages to nab. He finds out that amongst the refugees are the slain president's son (and thus the tribal leader) and his bodyguard. And it is too l…

The Art of War II - Betrayal >> Review and Trailer

Neil Shaw (WS) was an FBI agent. Now he is living under a false identity and is officially dead. That is till his martial arts master and friend Mother is murdered. He gets back to take revenge, and in the process becomes the target. Mother's daughter Melina Cruz (AK) is attacked so that they could have him. It turns out that Sallas, the head of an Arms company, is behind everything. Two senators opposing a bill for purchasing arms from Sallas's company get murdered.
The Homeland Security Department is working hand in hand with Sallas, led by Becker. There are tech teams using the latest technology to do all kinds of stuff. Neil has his friend helping him out with the tech stuff. Everything is a mess.
Will he be able to save Melina and himself?
Rating: Yellow - this movie would have got a green, but the story gets completely senseless in the end. Melina who has already saved Shaw's life twice till now turns out to be an undercover agent working for Sallas.
Don't miss t…

The X Files: I want to believe >> Review and Trailer

An FBI agent has been kidnapped. And a priest Father Joseph Crissman (BC), who claims to be a psychic, is leading the investigation. The FBI does not believe him and have put him onto the suspect list. They call upon Fox Mulder (DD) who had been thrown out of the FBI, and is currently underground, to help in the case. He joins in on the request of Dr. Dana Scully (GA). The decision to call him has been taken by ASAC Dakota Whitney (AP).
Joseph was convicted of pedophilia and was living in a repentance home. As it turns out the person involved in the crime is one of his victims. Meanwhile, another woman gets abducted. The FBI starts believing the priest only when he helps them discover a female body with a number of limbs and organs from other people. But they are getting late. Meanwhile in the course of following the criminal Whitney gets murdered.
Will Fox and team succeed in capturing the murderer before he kills more people?
Rating: Green - you know what's happening all along,…