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The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey >> Review and Trailer

Bilbo Baggins, a Hobbit living a normal peaceful life, is recruited by the wizard Gandalf the Grey, to join a group of 13 dwarfs in their quest to reclaim their lost kingdom. Reluctant at first, the quest of adventure takes over, and he joins - though still unsure of his abilities. The dwarfs share his doubts, but Gandalf believes in him.

While on the journey Gandalf comes to know that the dark forces are spreading on Earth again.

Will Bilbo, Gandalf, and the others manage to survive and fulfill their quest?

Rating: Green - a great prequel to the Lord of the Rings series. Equally mesmerizing and engaging. Must watch!
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Lincoln >> Review and Trailer

The Civil War is raging in the US, threatening to disintegrate the nation. As the president of the United States, Lincoln is in charge, and responsible. However, there's another matter, probably even more pressing, that he's working on simultaneously - the end of slavery in the country.

Will he succeed in saving the country from disintegrating as well as integrating the blacks into the mainstream by ending slavery?

Rating: Green - a biographical about the legendary president of the United States - with a gripping story and great acting! Must watch!

PS: As with all historical movies, facts might be distorted - watch it for the entertainment.
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Will >> Review and Trailer

Will's father while visiting him in school gets two tickets for them to visit the Champions League Final in Instanbul. However, by a turn of fate he dies, leaving Will an orphan.

Will decides to travel to Turkey alone, and runs away from his home. En route he meets Gareth a former football player himself, who helps him.

Will Will reach the final?

Rating: Yellow - a gripping story about a young orphan who also happens to be a passionate Liverpool fan!
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What's your number? >> Review and trailer

While having lunch one of her friends tell's Ally about a research that women with more than 20 boy friends can't find a husband. Ally has been with 19 men so far, and she decides that the 20th man would only be someone qualified to be the man of her dreams.

But, when she bumps into one of her ex-s who's become appealing with time, she decides to go back and check out if one of her ex-s is the right one, with the help of her womanizing neighbor Colin.

Will she be able to find love in one of her ex's?

Rating: Yellow - an entertaining time pass.

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