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Escape from Planet Earth >> Review and Trailer

Scorch and Gary Supernova, are part of Baab planet's space agency BASA. While Scorch is the planet's hero who pulls off astonishing feats, Gary is nerdy and stays in the background.

While answering a distress call from a dangerous planet Scorch gets captured. Gary goes to save him, but gets captured himself -  ending up with a bunch of other aliens who have been captured by humans over the ages - and secretly inventing stuff behind the scenes.

Will Gary be able to escape, and save the others?

Rating: Yellow - a well-made fun movie!
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Bullet Royale/Bullett Raja >> Review and Trailer

Raja Mishra, a law abiding citizen, gets embroiled in a gun fight while visiting his friend Rudra Tripathi. Before he realizes, he's transformed into a gangster - helping him break free from the shackles that tie an ordinary man.

Once free of the shackles he attacks the corrupt system - the nexus between industrialists, politicians and police - with full power.

Will he succeed, or will the system have him in shackles once again?

Rating: Yellow - a decent time pass 'full entertainment' stereotypical Bollywood flick!

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Trouble with the Curve >> Review and Trailer

Gus is the best baseball scout the world has seen. But he's getting old, his eyes are becoming weak, and technology is taking over. He asks his team to let him do the scouting for one more year, to prove himself. His friend Pete asks his daughter Mickey to accompany him and take care of him.

Mickey was sent away by Gus when she was six, and has had a dysfunctional relationship with him since then.

Will the time they spent together help them get closer? Will Gus be able to prove his mettle?

Rating: Green - a great movie about a father-daughter relationship, more than about baseball! Must watch!
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Total Recall >> Review and Trailer

Nuclear war has destroyed the world leaving only two habitable areas - the United Federation of Britain and the Colony. And, as you might have guessed - the UFB rules, and the colony is subject to economic and military oppression.

Douglas is employed with a factory in the UFB, and takes 'The Fall' through the planet to travel from his home in the colony. He has been suffering nightmarish dreams - and decides to visit Rekall to get new pleasant memories planted.

But, even before the procedure could start, a police battalion tries to arrest him - and he finds that he has the skill to kill them all. Next thing he knows is that his wife is trying to kill him, and he is probably not who he thinks he is.

Who is he?

Rating: Green - an interesting sci-fi movie based on a short story. Fast and keeps you at the edge of your seat till the end!
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