Angel Heart


Drama, Suspense, Thriller

Mickey Rourke, Robert De Niro

Harold Angel(MR) is a private detective who takes small, safe cases. His life takes a turn when a mysterious client, Louis Cyphre(RDN), hires him to find a missing person- a person named Johnny Favorite, who has been in coma since WW-II got over. His task is to find out whether Johnny is dead or alive.

He finds out that Johnny is no longer at the hospital. He had been taken away secretly 12 years back and the doctor had been paid to maintain records in his name. Things get complicated when one by one all people he traces down get murdered. The doctor, Johnny's friend-the guitarist, Johnny's girlfriend, her father. He is now a murder suspect and struggling to cope up with what's happening around him. And his weird, spooky dreams are only adding to the problem.

If the climax would've been even slightly better, this movie would've got a green. A slow build up followed by a rushed ending takes away some of the fun of a movie which is brilliant otherwise.

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