October Sky



Jake Gyllenhaal, Chris Cooper, Laura Dern

USSR launches the first satellite into space. Entire United States is cursing them, they believe it is a plan to bomb them. There is a boy, Homer, in a small mining town called Coalfield. Instead of fearing it, he finds it beautiful. In a town where the young kids only have one goal, to become the captain of the Rugby team, so that they can get a scholarship and move out of the city, because if they don't there is just one thing for them to do, to become a miner, he dreams of building a rocket. He dreams of building a rocket so that he can participate in the science fair, get a scholarship and get out of the town. His father, John, hates him because he does not want to become a miner. While he visits every single match of Homer's brother Jim, who is the rugby captain, he doesn't visit a single launch of Homer's rockets. Homer's team consists of his two friends and Quentin, the ostracized geek .

Homer's life takes a turn when John gets injured in an accident and he has to step into the mine to earn some money for the family. This is a movie about the ambitions of a small town boy and about the relationship of a father and his son.

A well made movie based on a true story. Watch it!

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