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Unthinkable >> 30s review

Steven Arthur Younger (Michael Sheen) is a terrorist who has planted nuclear bombs in three places. The investigation agencies have been unable to get anything out of him. So they call in their secret weapon 'H' (Samuel L. Jackson) - the master interrogator.

Will he be able to get the locations in time to save the lives of millions of innocent people?

Rating: Green - an excellent movie with great acting, amazing story and unforeseen twists. A must watch for sure.
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I Saw The Light >> 30s review

Hank Williams (Tom Hiddleston) is  a country singer who is growing more and more famous by the day. But, while he's doing great professionally, his personal life is torn apart - by his alcoholism, his physical condition and torn relationships.

In a few years he does enough good work to become an all time great. But, 'a few years' is all he had!

Rating: Yellow - a decent movie with great music, and great performances.

PS: The movie can be expected to be factually incorrect in a number of critical places.
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Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy >> 30s review

Ron Burgundy (Will Ferrell) is at the top of the male chauvinistic journalism industry - as the lead anchor for the most watched channel, in a time and place where people actually cared about news and news-anchors were celebrities.

But, the world is changing, and women are becoming equal partners in all areas. The all-male media industry is no exception - Channel 4 has hired Veronica (Christina Applegate) to join the anchoring team. And, then things go crazy!

Rating: Yellow - a decent, unusual comedy.
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The Transporter Refueled >> 30s review

Frank Martin (Ed Skrein) is doing what he does best - transporting classified packages, no questions asked. However, when he's hired by a gang of 3 girls, things get personal as his father is kidnapped.

Will he be able to get his father out of danger?

Rating: Green - complete with transporter style action and a story full of twists. However, if you are a Transporter fan, needless to say you'll miss John Statham.
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